Thursday, August 28, 2008


This is my blog where I talk about how I try and live simply, frugally, and intentionally. I have an 8 year old girl (hereafter known as Flower) a 6 year old girl (hereafter known as Jelly Bean) and a 3 year old boy (hereafter known as Super). In my former life, I was a technical writer and then a software trainer, and I have my bachelors in English (1993) and my masters in Technology (2005). I've been at home with my children since September 2003.

On my other blog, Montgomery Academy, I'll talk about our adventures in homeschooling (which currently just includes Flower) and teaching preschool. I teach preschool out of my home to Super and 5 other little lovelies from age 2.5 to age 4 five mornings a week. Our homeschooling is a mix of Montessori, Charlotte Mason and Waldorf while the preschool is mostly Montessori for the Casa (3-6) level. All my Montessori training is self-taught, although I am constantly reading books, talking to Montessori teachers, and reading Montessori websites and blogs. I also recently started an on-line training class. I've been teaching preschool for 5 years now (almost 6!) and I feel very comfortable with the method and I love it.

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