Wednesday, April 7, 2010

And off we go . . . .

We decided to take a slight spur of the moment trip over Spring Break and we went to the St. Louis Zoo. We live about 3 hours away, so it isn't too bad of a drive. And I love how so many of the things are free in St. Louis. We went to the St. Louis Zoo about 18 months ago. We have meant to get back sooner, but this was the first chance that we have had to go back since then. We went to the Zoo and the St. Louis Art Museum.

Jelly Bean touching a big bug - she was the only brave one.

In the butterfly/moth area - we just finished talking about pollination in school and how butterflies and moths help with pollination and the kids were so excited to show the zoo helper how smart they were LOL

The Simple Kids - it was a beautiful day. Sunny and mid 60s.

Getting a bit wet by the waterfall.

Hanging out by the Reptile House

The bear was still having a hard time waking up.
I feel your pain, dude.

I didn't take any pictures at the Art Museum, but it was very cool, and great for my crowd. It was right next to the Zoo, and we could get through it in an hour, so we could still have time to do other things (and although my children really enjoyed it, I don't know if they would enjoy it enough to drive all the way there to JUST go to the museum.) We have been studying Ancient Civilizations in History and various artists in Art, so the children got a chance to see some of the actual pieces of art that we had discussed, and they really enjoyed that. The kids also enjoyed running and rolling down the hill in front of the Museum too. LOL
A great trip was had by all!

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