Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Garden Update - Early June

Well, things will be different with the garden this year, what with my sister moving away and all (how dare she! LOL Seriously, nothing but good luck in the new place, sis!) And so far, it is going pretty well.) FYI, The garden plot is 15 feet across by 20 feet long. (One of these days, I swear I'll post a picture of the garden.) There are about 10 other plots in the same area. It is behind our church. It gets full sun all day, which is good, but if you need to water, it is a bit tricky because you have to use the pump by the church, fill a bucket, and walk about 500 feet to the plot. So far (this year and last year), I've just been depending on rain. And so far, so good.

I planted a couple rows of green beans, and they are growing pretty well. Broccoli was planted (10 plants) and I harvested a couple stalks last night. Seemed early, but I didn't want them to start flowering. A couple of weeks ago, I planted 29 roma tomato plants and they are to the flowering stage (I did see a couple of small tomatoes too). The romas are for making tomato sauce, diced tomatoes, and salsa. There is 1 beefsteak tomato plant for sandwiches. Last night, I planted two cucumber transplants, 1 green pepper transplant, 1 yellow pepper transplant, and 1 red pepper transplant. I'll be surprised if any of them make it. They were looking really wilty when I planted them. On the other hand, there was a big rainstorm last night. I also planted a zucchini transplant.

Still to plant: another row of beans and corn (from seed) and sweet potatoes (from transplants). I've been meaning to get the corn in for a couple weeks now, but whenever I get time over at the garden, I've only had time to do weeding. And then I always mean to go back the next day and do the seeds, but something always comes up. But I have been managing to get over to the garden a couple times a week, so the weeds haven't had a chance to get totally out of control like last year. Really hoping to avoid a repeat of that! But I've really got to get the rest of the plants in by this weekend.

Speaking of weeds,and watering too, I guess, I keep meaning to put grass clippings down. I have someone who is helping with the garden and she was going to bring the clippings, but so far, she hasn't had a chance to get out there since mid May. I think this weekend, I'll have to go to the City outside waste area and pick up a couple bags full. Grass clippings certainly help keep the weeds under control and keeps more moisture in the ground too.

At the home garden, I have strawberries (in season right now, and they are delish!) I need to grow more. Right now, I just have enough to snack on. We will be going to a u-pick this weekend to get enough to do some jam and some to freeze for smoothies. In the herb garden, I have basil,oregano, parsley and cilantro. In the front of the house,I decided not to do annuals this year, but I am planting some perennials instead.

There is a small apple orchard next to the garden plots and later in the season, I plan on using apples from there and some other local orchards to make applesauce and dried apples. I also plan on getting some peaches from local orchards and canning some peaches.

I still won't be able to be self-sufficient on the food that I grow/preserve, but this year, I will be able to be much closer than I was last year. Progress. Of course, most of this is dependent on the garden doing well. It is always easy to assume at this stage, that everything will grow. Here's to hoping anyway!

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