Friday, February 4, 2011

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow . . .

We decorate the windows in our dining room all the time, especially for holidays, but for January, they were all decked out with all kinds of winter decorations.

The girls made these snowmen years ago
out of colored paper stuck between two
sheets of contact paper.

All the snowflakes were cut by Jelly Bean

My mom sent me these cute shirts for Christmas
a couple years ago. There are three and they are
hanging from a piece of red yarn that is attached
to the curtain rod.

This picture isn't actually up in the windows.
Jelly Bean drew it for part of the wall
decorations for the preschool area. She
does one every season. This one is Winter!
So we had all of these winter decorations
up in January, but there was hardly any snow
on the ground.

And then, just as February began,
The Blizzard came!
Our little pinecone tree is "flocked"
with real snow.

Our front yard. There
are front steps there somewhere!

Our street looks like it is plowed, but it
really isn't. A pickup truck with a plow on
front came by and made a first pass, but you
still couldn't actually get out onto the main road.

We have alleys on the side and back of our
house and that is the only way to get your
vehicles out onto the road. Our alleys were
completely covered with about 3 feet of snow.

A view of the alley behind our house. The
driveway was shoveled, but the snow was too thick
for too long to be able to shovel or snowblow out
the snow. We were snowed in!

A view of our tree out front.

The kids made the best of it and
made snow tunnels out of drifts.

And here they are sitting on the retaining wall.
The stones are under there somewhere!
All in all, we were snowed in for about 48 hours. The alleys are considered the lowest priority for the snow plows. The snow started for us Tuesday afternoon, and we were out by Thursday afternoon. But we had games and movies and food and heat and power so it was all good! Although I am glad to know that if I WANT to get out today, I can!

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Mary said...

What great pictures of the blizzard! And now it has all unfortunately melted -- I thought it would last a couple of months at least.