Friday, August 26, 2011

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming . . .

And that is what we did most of this summer. For the 3rd year in a row at least one of the kids were on our local Parks and Rec team. In fact, this year, all three joined the team. I was a little worried that Super (age 6) wasn't ready, but I shouldn't have. He did great! They all had a great summer. It kept us busy, that is certain, but it is great exercise and fun and lets them set goals and all of that too!

Here are some pictures from the 2011 Sharks season:

Excited to be starting! The kids had been asking all winter and spring "When does Swim Team Start?"

Super earned the nickname "Lightning." Why? Because he has SPEED of course!

Jelly Bean with her coach

I have some videos of the actual swimming, but I don't want to bog things down too much here, especially since I would have to post a video of each of them. But trust me, they can actually swim, ok? :)

Super with his coach/head coach AND the championship trophy! Yep, the Sharks won conference for the second year in a row!

And here is Super! I was worried he wasn't ready for swim team? Well, there he is wearing all of his conference medals AND he won MVP for the 6 and under boys! Go Super!!!!

All three of our swimmers with their medals, certificates, and trophies along with the championship trophy.

The season was exhausting, but the kids already miss it! Well, only 9 more months until it starts again!! Will they three-peat? You will just have to stay tuned!

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Thom Reed said...

Super is getting skinny with all this swimming. Way to go kids!