Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Advent Activities

The last few years we have been celebrating Advent. I'd heard of Advent before that, but it isn't formally celebrated in the church that we attend. But I really liked the idea of doing more to remember Christ during the Christmas season, so I started looking in books and on the Internet. There is a TON of stuff out there. I'll list some of the links that I've found or used, but there is lots and lots of stuff out there, and you may find something that fits better with your family.

Primarily, we do one Advent activity (making ornaments for our Jesse Tree) during the week, and a different/more Advent activities on Sundays. We light an Advent candle during the activity each evening.

Like I said, we are making ornaments for a Jesse Tree. (Here's a link to a children's book about the Jesse Tree.) Most people make/buy a separate tree, and hang the Jesse Tree ornaments on them. We tried that last year, but it didn't work well for us. So this year, we are not going to put up any of our Christmas ornaments until Christmas Eve, and just put our Jesse Tree ornaments up on our Christmas Tree. You can buy Jesse Tree ornaments or make them from felt, embroider them, etc., but what we are doing this year is drawing them. We light the Advent candle for the week, and then we do a scripture reading, and then each of the children draws something to represent that event, and then we put the ornament up on the tree. Here's a link to the scriptures that we are reading and the main concept and a suggestion of what to use for the ornament.
Super's ornament
Jelly Bean's ornament -
the circle in the middle is the Earth
Flower's ornament

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