Saturday, May 2, 2009

Saturday: Home Management - Time Management

I took this list from Down To Earth. I probably should have wrote my own, but my list would have been the same, and I liked the way she wrote it. If I follow these tips, my life goes so much smoother.

Here are a few things that I do that might work for you too:


I have goals. Every morning when I rise, I know what I want to do that day. Write a list of what we need to do tomorrow. Write your list in the order you will do your tasks, or the most important tasks first, but be flexible enough to change it if it doesn't all go to plan.


This is a difficult one to develop. I started doing this when I was much younger and my boys were in school. Then, I was working full time and studying for a degree, as well as being a mother and a wife. I discovered that if I rose early I had a few hours of time when I was alone to study or write. I still do this but now it's the time I write my blog - so what I want to do doesn't impact on what I have to do. [I love this part. I think I'll put this quote on my fridge or tattoo it to my forehead or something.]


Having your meals organized will help you relax enough for your other tasks. You'll know what you'll be preparing for dinner that night and have all the ingredients waiting for you. No last minute panic, no rushing to the store to buy something that is missing.


I believe children benefit a lot if they grow up knowing they contribute in a practical way to the welfare of their home. From an early age, give them tasks, within the limits of their age and ability, that help with the overall running of the house and teach them how to look after themselves in the process. They can start off putting their dirty clothes in the laundry hamper, picking up toys and feeding the cat, and progress to more involved tasks as they mature.


My days are made up of housework but for those of you who work outside the home as well, get into the habit of doing a few tasks each day. You might clean the bathroom, wash a load of laundry every morning, or vacuum the family room. Whatever it is you can manage during the week, it will keep your home in order and give you more time on the weekend to spend with the family.


Turn off the TV, walk away from the computer, say no to the neighbour who always pops in for morning chat. Say no to whatever temps you away from today's list.


Saying no to time wasters will free up time for yourself. It will give you time with your family or to spend on sewing, or a spare 30 minutes to sit alone with your thoughts.


Stockpiling groceries has turned my weekly trip to the supermarket into one that I do maybe once a month. Shopping once a month instead of weekly will free up quite a few hours for other things you need or want to do.


Doing a few extra things at night will free up time the following morning. Most families are in a rush in the morning - if you can do a quick tidy up, make tomorrow's lunches, put on a load of laundry or pick out clothes to be worn the next day before you go to bed, you'll free up time the following morning.

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