Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tomorrow Begins Lent . . .

A couple years ago, I was going to do a series of posts during Lent that focuses on the main activities of Lent - prayer, fasting and giving. ( I was inspired by Elizabeth's , author of Real Learning book, blog. She did this back in 2009 too.) But after a few days of posts, I got very sick, and then we got a terrible computer virus, and it just didn't work out.

So I'm going to try it again.

Anyway, so every day, I'll discuss what I'm going to do in terms of prayer/mediation/etc., fasting/sacrificing and giving for that day.

I'm also going to use this Lenten period as a time to focus on the 7 Areas of Wellness (Remember this post?) For the next 40 days, this is what I'm going to do in each of the Seven Areas of Wellness:

1. Emotional - Write in my journal every day.
2. Environmental - Walk or bike whenever possible for the next 40 days. Including grocery shopping.
3. Intellectual - Read a book each week for the next 6 weeks.
4. Physical - Jog six days a week and eat only whole foods.
5. Social - Sign up for a class through Parks and Rec or the community college of something non-academic that interests me.
6. Spiritual - Learn more about meditation.
7. Vocational - Send a resume, job application or network five days a week for the next 6 weeks to try and find another source of income.

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