Friday, December 2, 2011

Homecoming 2011

We live in Normal, Illinois (yes, I've heard all the jokes.  Yes, we allow abnormal people to live here too.)  Anyway, Normal is home to Illinois State University. ISU is also the university where I got my bachelor's degree and my masters degree.  And the university that I worked at for 5 years.  And the place where Mr. Simple got HIS bachelors and masters degree.  AND we also had our wedding reception in the student center ballroom.

So yes, we have lots of ties to the university.  We used to take the kids to the Homecoming Parade when they were small, but we hadn't been back for a few years until last year, and then I took the kids to the parade, and then I took them on a tour of campus, and then we even went to the Homecoming game! It was really fun.

This year, we didn't have time to attend the Homecoming game, but the kids all wanted to go to the parade again.  So here are some pictures of ISU Homecoming 2011!

My little Redbirds! They are spelling ISU!
The ISU Marching Band.  They always win lots of national awards.
The Homecoming King and Queen at the top of a fire engine.
Normal, Illinois is also home to Mitsubishi Motors US plant.  This is a picture of the Mitsubishi Electric car - called the Mi-EV. 
Oh, and a tractor.  You can't have a parade in Illinois without having a tractor in it :)
The Prairie Pipes & Drums band.  This was SO cool in person.
I have almost my whole life in college towns.  I've lived in THIS college town off and on (mostly on) for the past 20 years.  I must say, I do prefer living in a college towns too.  And it is weekends like this that make it really fun to live in a college town too.

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