Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Just in case you think I'm Simply Perfect

and ultra-organized, etc., and that I always have a place for things, everything in its place, , etc. I do have very good planning systems, and I am fairly organized.


I have been known to lose/misplace things occassionally. And this is a banner week for Simply Me in terms of losing things.

So far this week:

1. I gave my keys to the grocery cleck to scan my keychain card. Somewhere between that and going out to my car, my keys were lost. I've looked absolutely everywhere (pants, jacket, purse, the checkout station, the cart, the bags, the cart area, the parking lot, customer service 3 times, etc.) and they are nowhere to be found. As of yesterday, I officially gave up looking for them.

2. OK, this one might not be my fault. We went to swimming lessons last week, and I took the camera to take pictures of the kids. (Didn't actually remember to take any pics though. Ugh.) In the parking lot, Mr. Simple gave Jelly Bean the camera because he was leaving in a separate vehicle. I saw the exchange, and then I don't remember what happened after that. I'm not sure if the camera actually got to the car, or if someone took it out of the vehicle, or if someone/me put it someplace in the house that is not its usual place. Anyway, the digital camera is lost. Not a lot of pictures are on it, but I do like the camera and don't have money to replace, and I use it ALOT.

3. This one is totally my fault. I can't find my cell phone. This is after sort of misplacing it in the car the week before. The week before, I knew that I'd seen it in the car, and moved it someplace else in the car, but wasn't exactly sure where and hadn't had time to look. So then I found it (in the console area between the front seats.) So I picked it up, and I think? put it in my purse. That was a couple of days ago. I went to go recharge it last night, and I reached in my purse, and it isn't there. I have NO clue where it is. I guess it could still be in the car, but I am pretty sure that I did take it out of the car. I haven't had time to look for it, or the camera for that matter. I have hopes that both of these items are just misplaced and not actually completely missing.

So I probably should be using my time more wisely and be spending this time to look for my camera and my cell phone. And if anybody finds my keys, I'll take those too. Off to search . . .


AFarCryFromNormal said...

Now you are sounding like me!!! LOL Hope you find it all.............especially the phone and camera!

Craig F said...

The first step is admitting you have a problem...

Stacey said...

Total bummer!! I lost my keys in Walgreens a few months back but fortunately someone had found them and took them to the photo desk. It freaked me out.