Monday, July 6, 2009

What's In A Name?

I got this off this blog, and it got me thinking about the names of all the guys I've dated/liked/loved, etc.

1. The Preschool Years. Jonathon. I was 4, he was 5. My first kiss. I wanted to marry him.

2. The Elementary Years. Rich. Rodney. My first real kiss. We were in 6th grade. I was at his house, and we were sitting in bean bags, watching Wide World of Sports, and drinking Orange Crush. Out of the bottle. He leaned over and kissed me.

3. The Teen Years. I hope I remember all their names. If I don't, I apologize, in case any of them are reading this blog (yea, right!) My list is like a list of top ten names of boys in the 80s. Mike, Jeff, Brigham (well, that's not a top 10-er), Sean, Cory, David, Eric, Peter, Jon, James. I "dated" Jeff off and on from 14 until 18.

4. The College Years. Mike, Mike, Mike. (Different Mikes). Only really liked the second one. Mo (short for Morris). Liked my roommate more than me (another common theme - guys would go out with me to get closer to my best friend or later on, roommate.)

5. The Working Years. Mike. (Different Mike from Teen and College Mikes.) To be fair, this Mike didn't go by his first name, but by his last name. James. Tim. Doug. Stuart.

6. The Grad School Years. Jordon. Craig.

It is a wonder that I didn't marry a guy named Mike. Or at least a guy who started with a J.

One thing that I am almost always consistent with is height. I've only liked/dated 2 guys that were taller than 5'8". Even most of the guys I liked/dated in preschool/elementary/teen years were on the shorter side.

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