Friday, July 3, 2009

What I've been doing instead of blogging

O.K., not just this. I've been going to lots of baseball games and swim meets too. But I've been doing garage sale-ing and "curb shopping" this summer. I hadn't done much in a few years, but we had some needs, and not much cash, so off I went searching. (Oh, and I am actually sort of natural materials snob, and would like it if everything in/around our house was made of natural materials, but then there is the practicality of plastic, not to mention, when you talking a difference between $75 or free, I lower my standards. LOL)

Little Tikes Table - $10
Little Tikes Coupe - $3

Little Tikes Basketball Hoop - $3

Bicycle for me (purple one) - $25

Table - free

Another view of the table

Little Tikes Kitchen (referenced in this post) - free

Little Tikes Car - free

Little Tikes Activity Garden - $5

Bunk beds (twin over full) - $30

Drawers underneath were repurposed from a dresser that was broken. The knobs are red, and the comforters are pink. I'll paint the knobs to match . . . someday (yea, right, who am I kidding?)

Desk - $5

side table - free

Most of the rest of the pictures are in the school room. We are in the process of reorganizing, so try and overlook the cluttered look. I'll take a picture of the whole room when it is done.

school desk (there is actually 2 of them) - free
Bookcase - $5

Bookcase - 50 cents

Bookcase - free (Thanks Lisa!)

Still looking for a climber, and maybe another bookcase, but doing well at getting things crossed off that list!


Whacky Wheelers said...

Okay . . . I'm bummed. Where's the turtle sandbox???? Waaaaaa!

AndieF said...

It's coming! I'm cleaning it tomorrow, and then I'll take pics of it. There will also be pictures of my CLIMBER that I got this morning! WOO-HOO!!!!