Thursday, June 25, 2009

What I'll do to get things for free -

Today, I decided to drive to a nearby subdivision because they had a garage sale sign. It appeared that it would be a whole subdivision sale, but it ended up being a big garage sale at just one house. I picked up a bunch of Magic School Bus books and a book about preserving food, all for $3. As I was driving home, I saw a Little Tikes kitchen by the curb in front of someone else's house, next to their garbage cans. I decided to go ahead and grab it. So I get out of the car, but I left the driver's side door open. I go to the back, and the stroller is in the back of the van. Doh! So I go to put the stroller in the passenger side. Just then, the garbage truck is pulling up behind me. The kids are all in the van, and they are yelling"Don't let the garbage truck take it!" I yelled back that I wouldn't, so I grabbed it and pulled it into their driveway, but then realized that my van was blocking the trashcans, and that my door was still open. So I ran, pulled the car forward, reparked the car, and mumbled a "Sorry" to the garbage collector. He grunted back at me, which might have offended me, if he hadn't been so attractive.

So I go to lift the kitchen in the back. I lift it from the bottom. There is some mud on the bottom of the kitchen. No big deal, it will clean off. I scrape some of the mud on my shirt as I'm putting it in the trunk. It is too tall to stand up, so the girls hold the top, while the bottom part sticks out the back. Hey, what is that smell? Did I step in dog poo when I was moving that kitchen???? Uh, no. Oh, yuck. That's NOT mud. And it is on my hand. And my shirt. And sticking on the bottom of the kitchen as I drive home. Thank heavens for baby wipes in my car for my hands, but I had to drive home in that shirt.

After I got home, I went back out to do some more garage sale-ing, and ended up with a free table and school desks. No poo involved in that pick-up thankfully.

Still looking for that ever-elusive Little Tikes/Step 2 climber and bookshelves, but my list of stuff that I need for Montgomery Academy is getting very short! And it is only June!


normal mom said...

I have a Little Tykes 3 step slide (the purple and red one). If that will do, let me know. Otherwise I may see if Amy wants it for their new backyard.
Sorry about the "crappy" start to your day. But yeah, we have some cute garbage guys don't we?

AndieF said...

It is tempting, because I don't know if I'm ever going to find the climber. But I do have the jr. slide, and I hate to be greedy. Why don't you offer it to Amy, and if she doesn't want it, and I don't find one, I'll take it off your hands in August???

normal mom said...

Cool.I love your Mary post. And I had a teacher who said, "You are only as good as who you steal from", meant as advice to theater directors, but it works here too. I feel complimented. :)

Stacey said...

I am cracking up about the cute garbage guy. Were in Pinehurst? My former neighbors tell me all the time about how hot their garbage man is.

AndieF said...

Yep, I was in Pinehurst. Flower even commented on him, so if she noticed, he HAD to be pretty darn attractive! LOL