Thursday, June 25, 2009

Life has a way of getting in the way of my plans -

I kept trying to get to my blog to post FSD (Food Storage Deals) but every day it was something else. This summer has been so busy. Flower is on swim team (pics coming soon) this summer and they have practice in the AM and PM, and meets every Tuesday night. Jelly Bean and Super are in baseball and have stuff on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturdays. So mornings and evenings are crazy busy. And then during the day, we are at the library, or somebody needs to be fed, or someone is getting picked up, or someone needs to go somewhere, or someone is having a playdate. We are having a good time, but things are busier than I expected.

And hotter. I don't remember a June this hot in years. And when it wasn't 100 degrees outside, it was raining. I do remember June is usually raining. Of course, since the heat started, they hasn't been much rain, and so some of our late planting is frying, but of course, the weeds are growing nice and tall! Ugh! Our beans and peas didn't make it, and we are trying to get more beans planted, but it has been rainy, or hot, or I've been busy. Oh, I think I mentioned that already.

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