Monday, June 8, 2009

What are we doing today?

7:00 AM Took Flower to Swim Team Practice, only to find out that they aren't having morning practices until tomorrow.
7:30 AM Daycare Baby arrives. Kids play in the living room.
8:00 AM Breakfast.
8:30 AM More Playing in the Living Room.
9:00 AM Clean up and go downstairs. Watch TV on Sprout.
9:30 AM Feed Daycare Baby and put him down for nap.
10:00 AM Kids pick activities off shelves downstairs. (I'm still working on putting the school activities away. Some will stay up all summer.)
11:30 Lunch
12:00 Run Errands. Today that includes getting the oil changed, going to the bank, going to the post office, dropping off things at the library, and going to Target to get sketch books and colored pencils.
3:00 Friends 1 and 2 coming over for a playdate. Go to the park.
4:30 Friends go home. Clean up
5:15 Dinner
5:45 Drop Flower off at Swim Team practice
6:00 Take Super to Wee Ball practice
7:00 Super down with Wee Ball practice. Take Jelly Bean to Pre Ball practice
7:30 Pick up Flower from Swim Team practice and go back to Jelly Bean's practice
8:00 Drive home.
8:30 Put kids to bed.
9:00 Work on the house - I need to continue to pack up the school materials, general cleaning, and get ready for my garage sale on Saturday.
11:00 Go to bed.


AFarCryFromNormal said...

Phew I am tired reading! lol hAVE FUN!

AndieF said...

It seemed like it would be fun when I was signing them up! I'll let you know in August if it was actually fun!

Whacky Wheelers said...

GARAGE SALE!!!!??? When? This Saturday?!! Can I be one of those rude people who show up an hour before you open and want to look at your stuff before you even get it out?!?! You gotta come by the Rebecca Lane Yard Sale the 18, 19 and 20th!

AndieF said...

The Savannah Green Garage sale is June 13 & 14th, although I'm just selling on the 13th.

You can totally come at like 6 am, and offer me 10 cents for my $50.00 item. That's my favorite part of doing a garage sale. LOL.