Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tuesday: Education and Employment - Book Clubs?

A bunch of my friends are part of a local book club, and I see signs at the library for different book clubs, but alas, my schedule just doesn't really lend itself to going to an actual meeting. Which is really too bad, because I enjoy coming together with a bunch of people and talking about a book, and seeing how people view it differently, and it really helps me make connections to things in my life/different subjects that I'd never have thought of just reading it by myself.
But as I said, alas . . .

But I do have a plan to do a lot of reading this summer (from my plan to follow the Well-Trained Mind's curriculum for 9th graders during the summer.) But I want to have a book or two for "fun." I am going to find a couple, and share my summer book list with my readers, and I'll review them when I'm done. Then any of my readers could comment back, and it would almost be like a book club.

I will let you know in advance though - I am a fiction snob. Sort of. I read a lot of children/young adult fiction when I was younger. When I went to college, I was an English major, and read/studied/analyzed "the classics" and I especially enjoyed the writing of the American Romantics - Natathaniel Hawthorne, James Fenimore Cooper, Mark Twain, etc. After that, I couldn't really get "into" contemporary fiction. I'd pick one, and the writing would be so awful, or often, at best, just average. And I was also SO overwhelmed with the volume of fiction. There was just so MUCH fiction and I didn't know enough about any of the authors, and I hate to spend the time reading a 400 page book, only to be mad at the end because I felt like I wasted my time. So I have read very, very, very little fiction in the last 20 years. I read mostly non-fiction because it is a little more "what you see is what you get." And I can pick things that are in line with my interests and my my real life. But I plan on getting one fiction and one non-fiction at a time. And hopefully, I'll find myself a little surprised at the fiction I find.

(I'll also post my WTM reading list soon, and anybody is welcome to read/comment about those too, which I would love it if you did, but it is classical literature, and not the typical easy breezy summer reading books.)

We are also reading The Penderwicks as a family in the evenings (although we probably will need to move this to the mornings, evenings are too crazy), and I picked up The Willowboughs on CD at the library today for listening in the car. I'll review those too when we finish.


AFarCryFromNormal said...

Thanks for starting this! Instead of starting my own, I will just follow yours if it something that I want to read (which it likely will). Do you have any other recommendations for a book to read as a family. I got the Hobbit and haven't started it yet. I want to have a couple more ideas and suggestions.

AndieF said...

The Normal Public Library has a bunch of books on a shelf for G.R.A.B books (I think GRAB stands for Grown-up Reading A Book, but I could be wrong.) The kids get extra Book Bucks for having a book read to them, so the library sets out some that are family friendly. I picked up The Penderwicks there. I don't think your boys would enjoy it. But I do think that the Hobbit is a good choice for them. If it was me, I'd probababy stick with it.