Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!

Well, it was a cooler/wetter summer than usual, followed by a cooler/wetter autumn than usual, especially in December. (We live in Illinois, so we are used to some rain, but nothing like we've had for the last 6 months.) The children were so tired of rain, and were hoping that when it officially became winter on the 21st, that the snow would finally come. Well, it didn't come on the 21st, or the 22nd, or the 23 or 24th either. Christmas morning, there was still no snow. And then near the end of our present opening, there it was. Big fluffy flakes of snow. The kids ran to the window and shouted that it was a Christmas miracle!! A few days later, it snowed again. And then it got cold. Really, really cold for DAYS. When it finally got to around 10 degrees F, I started sending the kids back out to play. They all got new gloves/mittens for Christmas, and new long underwear, and JellyBean got a new coat and new snowpants.

Here are some pictures of the kids a couple weekends ago playing out in the snow.

Jellybean burying herself in the snow

Flower and a neighbor playing in the snow

The Snowy Simple Kids

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