Friday, January 15, 2010

Lessons Learned On The Journey Of Life

I was recently reading this article (Ensign, December 2000 - yes, I'm aware that it was a 9 year old issue, and no, it isn't a magazine that I still have at my house) by Joseph B. Wirthlin (who, just as an small aside, that I actually met. Anyway . . .)

He begins this article talking about a time around Christmas time, during his church mission in Germany, when he was discouraged. He decided to walk to Oberndorf, a little village in the Bavarian Alps. The beauty of that village was the inspiration for Joseph Mohr when he wrote "Silent Night." During that night, he talked with someone about his hopes and dreams for the future. They talked about goals. And it was that night, he resolved that he would not waste time, and he would serve the Lord. Sixty years have passed since that Christmas Eve and much happened in those years, but he never regretted making those resolutions, because it filled his life with adventures, spiritual experiences, and joy.

He says he knows that many people may be feeling discouraged or lost right now, or may wonder if his or her life will be a happy one. He goes on to quote Aristotle who suggested that everyone who lives has the same objective: To Be Happy. He said that after 80 years, he has some ideas on what it takes to be happy. He said that there are 5 things, that if a person takes these things seriously, and applies them to his or her life, that it will bring happiness, success, fulfillment, and eternal blessings.

1. Have Faith In Heavenly Father.
2. Set Righteous Goals.
3. Work to Accomplish Your Goals.
4. Magnify Your Service.
5. Enjoy The Journey.

The fifth point was the one that I enjoyed the most, and probably the one that I need the most reminding of to apply in my own life.

He said "So many of us are waiting to be happy. 'If only I could graduate, if only I could afford a car, if only I could get married . . . ' For too many, happiness is just over the horizon, never reachable . . . It is a terrible thing to always be waiting for tomorrow, always excusing our todays because we are sure that only in the future will we possess the things that will fulfill us. Don't wait for tomorrow. Don't wait for the right job, the right house, the right salary, the right dress size. Be happy today. Be happy now."


normal mom said...

Thanks. I needed that.

Jennifer said...

Andrea, I will take your post to heart. It was very needed in our house this week.Thank you.