Tuesday, November 2, 2010

All Souls Day

We don't formally recognize this day in our church, but ever since Christopher, I try and recognize the day and talk to the children about some of the people that have died and what impact they had on our lives.

We talked about how Great Grandma Davis died last year, and how she was the last of their great grandparents that died, and how lucky they were to have had a relationship with one of their great grandparents. We also talked about their other great grandparents.

And we talked a little about Christoper, but we had just done the Walk To Remember on October 30th, so we didn't spend much time talking about him today.

And I spent a moment or two thinking of The Boy, who died 26 years ago this September.

And another moment or two thinking of the other little ones that I lost to miscarriage.

Speaking of the Walk, I have a couple pictures from the day. The Pregnancy/Infant Loss group from the hospital were I delivered Christopher organizes the Walk, and we walk from the hospital to the town amphitheater, and then we let balloons go, and then walk back to the hospital and have a service where people can read poems or thoughts, etc. This year, 169 people attended. It is the highest number of people that have attended the walk. Which made me mostly sad. :(

All 3 children with their balloons

Their signs on their backs

Flower with her balloon

Jelly Bean blowing a kiss to Christopher

Super with his balloon - that is a heart with lots of
little hearts inside it.

As the balloons were flying up to the sky

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Krista said...

Sad, Andie. I didn't lose a full term pregnancy or child born, but had 5 miscarriages before Niklas (and that would have been the last pregnancy in any case because I couldn't deal with the loss or anxieties again). Who was the boy that died 26 years ago? I am sorry about Christopher. What is his story? I am glad you have a good way to memorialize him and his life.