Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Halloween 2010

Here it is the middle of November, and I still haven't posted pictures of Halloween. I was a total slacker this year, and just got a picture of each child and a group shot on Halloween. I didn't take any pictures at Farmer's Market Halloween or at Trunk or Treat.

I went out with Jelly Bean and Super (Flower went with her friends. Sigh. How can she be old enough to do that? One of the mom's did go to "chaperone" but there was about 10 of them who went together, and by all reports, had a great time.) Anyway, I had a fantastic time with the two younger kids. It was still very light when we went out at 5 pm, and while there was a crispness to the air, I wouldn't call the weather "cold." It really was perfect Halloween weather. And then there was just a ton of people out trick-or-treating, and everyone was being so nice and friendly. It was great.

So here are the pictures:

Flower as a gypsy

Jelly Bean as Frankengirl - she came up with the idea so that it would match her cast!

Super as Batman

Happy Halloween!

I know that you are curious about how much everything cost LOL Flower's outfit was all from her closet/dress up basket. I did buy light blue eyeshadow for $1 and red lipstick for 59 cents. Super's outfit was from the dress up basket PLUS it was gifted to us by their cousins, so the outfit and cape was free. I did buy the mask for $3. Jelly Bean's outfit was all from her closet, although I bought black and silver hairspray, and green face makeup for $6. Total for all three outfits: $10.59. Not free, but not bad.

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