Monday, November 15, 2010

Daybook: Monday, November 15

Outside my window... It was a cool, grey morning although it did warm up some and the sun peeked out this afternoon. The kids' are calling the pear tree the "fire" tree this year because it is a mix of yellow, orange, and red this year instead of all red. Most of the other trees around have lost all their leaves. Must mean winter is not too far off!

I am thinking... about Vacation!!! We leave on Saturday. I really need a vacation from regular life, and I'm looking forward to spending loads of time with the children. But I'm also thinking about Advent too and excited to get started on it soon after we get back.

I am thankful for... my children. It is hard to be a mom, but I am so grateful for these three souls that I've been blessed to have in my life.

From the learning rooms... We are talking about Turkeys and Thanksgiving with the preschoolers. The schoolagers are finishing up their unit on marsupials and learning about Japan in the Middle ages for history.

From the kitchen ... I'm trying out some of my recipes for the Solstice Party next month. Also, as usual, making bread, yogurt, muffins, and waffles. (I make up a bunch and throw them in the freezer. Much cheaper than Eggo waffles!) I also rearranged a couple of my kitchen cabinets and now I have all my baking items in the same place. It is like heaven!

I am wearing ... a black skirt, a white cotton long sleeve t-shirt, a grey/black wool cardigan, black knee socks, and of course, my black clogs. I kind of feel like my friend Mary in this outfit. Definitely reminds me of something that she would wear. Her clothes are groovier than mine though.

I am creating .... packing lists. I don't want to over pack, but I don't want to forget anything important either.

I am hoping... that we have fun on vacation without spending ALL of our money. I'd love to have some left over to start buying things for Christmas gifts.

I am hearing... two out of three children are playing a board game. We've had a huge resurgence in interest of board games these days. They even play nicely together most of the time.

Around the house... doing some final touches on the guestroom/studio. I probably won't finish it completely until January. I don't feel spending money on the room until after the holidays. Maybe I'll use some tax return money to get a few things for the studio.

A few plans for the rest of the week:
  • swimming lessons
  • Montgomery Academy Thanksgiving Feast on Thursday
  • cleaning the house. I hate coming home from vacation to a messy home.

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