Tuesday, January 4, 2011

First Snow of late 2010

After the courthouse, we came back home. The kids were SO excited to go out and play in the snow. They acted like they had never seen snow before! They were so excited that they didn't even complain when I asked them to shovel the walks before they built a snowman! They bundled up and then they went outside - and they were outside for at least two hours! And nobody came in during that time! My children are finally growing up, I think! I went out a couple times to check on the progress of the shoveling and of the snowman making, but most of the time, I sat inside the warm house and read. Oh, and drank hot chocolate. A good day was had by all!

The snowman

Jelly Bean


And Super - right after he
got hit with a snowball!


Jen said...

Very cute. I miss those days of my kids getting so excited to be outdoors in the snow building a snowman, throwing snowballs. Now, their youthful playfulness seems to be past and they are more worried about their hair getting out of place, or it being too cold outside. It's nice reliving those days through your kids' eyes. I didn't realize you had a blog--or did I? I have Alzheimer's these days. Thanks for stopping by mine! I didn't realize you had lost a baby. So sorry to hear that. I follow a blog about a woman who's baby died minutes after it was born. It's sad to see and hear. My heart goes out to you.

corn fed girl said...

Cute pictures! It's weird to see pictures with snow...it's like that was such a long time ago! What happened to the pretty snow?! Come back snow! Wait...did I really just say that?