Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Top Posts of 2010

I was checking my stats the other day, and I was shocked to see which post of mine had the most views. (It also always surprises me which posts generate the most comments. It is rarely the ones that I think will generate comments. Oh, and PLEASE, feel free to leave comments. Or become a follower if you haven't already.)

So here are the top posts of 2010:

5. Less of Me These Days

4. Cookbooks . . .

3. Whose Life Will You Touch??

2. Holiday Gifts:Progress Post

and in the #1 spot -

1. Totally Frivilous Post . . .

It makes me laugh that a truly frivilous post has generated the most views. Maybe if I want to become popular in the blogworld, I should talk more about colors. And shapes. LOL

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