Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Holiday Gifts:Progress Post

I always feel a little guilty that I don't spend much money on my children for Christmas. And even though I don't usually buy them plastic toys, there is usually at least one child who asks repeatedly for a large plastic toy of some sort, and I feel bad about disappointing them.

That said, I think I've mostly decided on what I will be giving the children for Christmas.

Each child will be receiving:

* a gift card for one book (I am not as good as I used to be at picking out books that they will like, especially for Flower. I still get final approval on the book selection though.)

* one purchased piece of clothing (Flower is getting a cardigan sweater, Jelly Bean is getting a long sleeve shirt, and Super is getting a winter coat.)

* pajamas and a robe, sewn by me. And maybe a couple other things - if I get these things done.

* a little something that they want. I haven't decided for any of them what this gift will be, but it has to be $20 and under, so it can't be anything too expensive. I'm leaning on getting Flower and Jelly Bean each an iTunes gift card.

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