Thursday, December 16, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy!

We've been doing our own version of Christmas Shopping around here lately. Over the weekend, we hit a fabric store and then all the thrift stores in town. The children bought their own fabric this year, and it was a learning experience for them. Before we got there, they had visions of sewing ALL of their gifts and making big things requiring 3, 4, 5 yards of fabric. Once we got to the fabric store, and they saw the prices and used multiplication to see how much each project was going to cost, well, things got scaled back a bit. The clearance bin was scoured and a couple treasures were found in there, and then they found some sale fabric that would work for a few other projects. I was doing a bit of looking myself since I still have some fabric to buy for their gifts, but I didn't buy any that day. The thrift store shopping was fun too and everyone found several wonderful presents that seemed "just right."

And then of course, there has been all sorts of making of presents, beyond the sewing. I haven't seen it all but I know that there are poems being written, and projects involving paint and tissue paper, as well as one with clay, and another with craft sticks and yarn.

And then I'm cleaning and decorating and buying food and making food. Oh, and trying to keep the walks and driveway shoveled. And trying to keep warm. It has been in the single digits most of this week.

Last week was full of Christmas programs, and this week has been full of Christmas preparations. Next week, I'm hoping that things will be a little calmer. We don't have anything outside of the house to do. My plan is to escape to my "studio" and sew whenever I can. And do some organizing in the girls' room. Because one of their gifts just won't work if their room isn't clean and organized.

Only 9 more days!

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