Saturday, June 4, 2011

I should have known better . . . .

I last blogged a couple weeks ago about how I had a plan.

And then life happened.

If life was fair, then I would be able to have some semblance of control. However, life is NOT fair, and as it sometimes seems to be the case, my life seems to be fairly often, NOT fair, and so fairly often, things are outside of my control.

My big plan was to go back to school in Fall 2012 and get my masters degree in English. I'd stop doing daycare then, and I'd get an assistantship, and I'd take classes, and learn things, and in the end, I'd graduate with a degree that is actually useful, especially in the city that I live in.

And then after I got my degree, I'd teach English 101, etc. at the local community college. I'd talked with the director of the Writer Program over at the community college (she is a friend from way back in the day) and she said that they have openings all the time for adjunct English instructors. I could teach two or three sections, I'd have summers off if I wanted, I'd make about the same money that I'm making now but working a lot less hours, and I'd be using my skills. It would be great.


Except that it probably isn't going to happen. Well, it still might, but I've got a much more pressing problem right now.

Mr. Simple lost his job last week.


So now, everything is on hold. Even the gardening. I mean, I have 4 raised beds and I've planted things, and I'm even harvesting things already, but I wanted to build at least one more 4 x 4 bed, two 2 x 4 bed now, and another 4 x 4 bed in the fall. For now, I'll just need to be grateful for the beds that I got in, and use the food from the garden wisely and be grateful for the produce.

Speaking of thankful, I am thankful for lots of things right now. I'm glad that I do have food storage. I'm grateful that we are very frugal already. I'm glad that we are pretty minimalist already. I'm glad that we are fairly self-reliant. I'm glad that there was a free clothing exchange today and I was able to get Super a bunch of clothes for the summer and fall that he needed.

But mostly, I'm glad that Mr. Simple and I have wonderful friends and family. It is comforting to know that we have love and support during times of crisis.

Mr. Simple is applying for jobs and we are hopeful that he will find something soon. I will also be looking and applying for jobs soon. We are hopeful that one or both of us can find something relatively quickly.

And back to that dream . . .

It was just a dream, you know. I HAVE done things with my life. And if nothing else, I always muddle through. Maybe not always happily. But I don't give up. We WILL get through this.

And maybe I will get back to school, maybe even by Fall 2012. Or maybe I won't. My life hasn't gone according to MY plan yet. :)


Normal Mom said...

It's the whole "when one door closes, another one opens" thing.
You are one of the most resilient people that I know. And like you said, all that good training you've had in being self-reliant and preparing for the unknown is coming in handy, huh?
You know where to find me. LOVE YOU!

Minerva Jo said...

oh man. well said and good perspective, but how stressful. how it works out soon.