Saturday, March 10, 2012

I mean, I really do like reorganizing stuff, but

It is about to get to a RIDICULOUS amount here at the Simply House.  And the worst part, for someone like me, is that it is also going to involve having to have some rooms be a little bit undone while we get some money together from jobs/tax return/selling stuff, etc. But it IS almost spring, and so I guess I'll reorganize instead of clean this year.
But anyway, here is what is going to be happening in the Simple House, room by room:

Living Room - a major reorg.  I'm selling almost everything that is currently in that room since it was the former home of Montgomery Academy preschool/daycare.  I'm keeping the rocker (although it may/may not stay in the room) and the electric fireplace.  We might use some existing furniture in here, but more likely, it will mostly be new, but I don't know what we have in there yet.  But some seating for sure.  And new cubbies for sure. 

Dining Room - a major reorg.  The art cabinet is going downstairs to the family room.  The curio cabinet will probably go to the living room.  The table will go downstairs to the family room for the new art/game table.  Hopefully sometime soon, I will get an island like this one and put that in the corner of the dining room so that I can do my mixing in my larger dining room instead trying to do it on the counter in my very small kitchen.  Room needs to be painted and I need new curtains for this room. 

Kitchen - well, not a reorg exactly, but we are getting new appliances soon.  I've decided against the refrigerator for right now.  So new range, dishwasher, and microwave. 

Upstairs Bathroom - minor reorg.  I need new towels and I'd like to put some drawer pulls and cabinet knobs on the vanity.  It would be GREAT to get a new toilet, but that probably won't happen.  Room desperately needs to be painted. 

Master Bedroom - very minor reorg.  lower down on the priority list, but it would be nice to replace the mattress in that bedroom.  Definitely need a new roller shade.  Would be nice to get new bedding. 

Laundry "Room" (it is actually in a large closet in the upstairs hallway) - undecided, and lower down on the priority list, but I'd like to unstack the washer and dryer and put them side by side and put a counter over them for folding, etc. and getting a shelf or a cabinet for laundry/cleaning supplies. 

Super's Bedroom - major reorg.  Maybe.  Or if I get too tired, there may be no reorganizing in his room at all.  But if I do, moving both of his beds downstairs - one to the girls' room and one to my studio and moving the girls' bunkbed from downstairs to his room.  And since his main bed is a captain's bed, I would also have to buy/find, etc. a dresser for him.  He needs some new kind of window treatment.  Right now, he has aluminum blinds that have seen way better days.

Stairwell - I desperately need to hang some pictures or something in the stairwell.  I've planned to forever and haven't got to it, and I figure that now is as good of a time as any.

Family Room - I already did a reorg here, but this room will get some furniture moved here.  The art cabinet from the dining room is coming down here, as well as the eating table from the dining room (which will become the game/art table.)  The card table is going to the trash, and I'm selling/throwing out a couple extra end tables that are currently in the family room. I also would love to get a new recliner for down here, but it isn't in the budget right now.  The rocker from the living room may end up down here.  This room needs to be painted. 

Two big storage closets in the Family Room - major reorg.  Both need a major overhaul and I need to get rid of a bunch of stuff that is in each of them. 

Downstairs Bathroom - minor reorg.  This room needs to have the towel bar replaced and maybe the light fixture and it also needs pulls and knobs.  And probably a new shower curtain.  One of the girls got hot pink nail polish on the WHITE shower curtain.  It also has froggy rugs and other frog accessories, and I'm feeling like that moment has passed, so I need to replace those when I get new towels for this bathroom. The room should be painted too, but it isn't terrible. 

Girls' Room - Well, if I decide to move Super's beds downstairs, their bunkbed (twin over full) will come up to his room, and they will get one of his beds (twin with trundle) and then the bed from the studio (twin) will go in their room.  The girls also have our former dining/eating table in their room, and that will be coming back upstairs to the dining room.  Mr. Simple is going to refinish the top.  The girls would like to have their room painted.  From periwinkle to BRIGHT GREEN.  We are still talking about it. The girls currently are using plastic drawers for dressers and it is working o.k., but I'd like to get them a dresser too.

Studio - Ugh. Slightly major reorg.  Right now, it is sort of the holding area for preschool/homeschool supplies that I'm going to be selling online.  So there are piles, and boxes, etc.  But I really need to get those listed and sold and reclaim my studio again.  Also, if I decide to move beds around, the bed from the studio(twin) would go in the girls room, and the studio would get Super's (twin) captain bed. Paint and window coverings are fine. 

Oh, and Outside? Minor reorg but we need to get/replace several things.  The front porch needs a good wood chair.  And a good sweeping.  I'll be planting more things in the front beds this spring too.  The back - I need outdoor furniture.  At least 6 outdoor chairs.  We are getting a new grill.  A new outdoor table would be great.  And loads of gardening stuff, but that is a post for a different day.  The garage needs a good sweep.  Jelly Bean needs a new bike.  My freezer will be stored out in the garage. 

Phew. I, of course, will take pictures when I get done.  Of course, it may be 2013 by that time, so don't hold your breath or anything.

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Normal Mom said...

Sounds fun! Can't wait to see how it all turns out. Good thing you have an in with a painter! :)