Saturday, March 24, 2012

To Mr. Simple:

You may have noticed that I rarely mention Mr. Simple on the blog.  There have been a variety of reasons for that over the years.

First of all, Mr. Simple isn't, well, all that simple.  I mean, he is to a certain point, but if he was living in this house all by himself, this probably isn't the way that he would live.  But he mostly goes along with it and doesn't roll his eyes.  Much.

Second, he isn't really a big "public" sort of guy.  Well, that's not entirely true since he has done local sport broadcasting, both on TV and radio, for the last 10 years.  He also was the public safety officer for the city's fire department for 10 years.  Everywhere we go, he runs into someone that he knows. But knowing someone's name and being able to chit-chat with them is one thing.  Having me blog about him is another. (Of course, you may have noticed that I am, uh, blogging about him.)

Third, and I'm keeping it real here, things haven't always beeen super-duper fantabulous between Mr. Simple and I.  We have been married for almost 17 years, but there have been a couple of rather large bumps.  I always just posted here about me, or about the kids, or simple living, because it was easier and less messy and embarrassing than talking about my marriage. 

I love Mr. Simple and I always will.  But we met and married in a huge whirlwind and we came from very different backgrounds.  Fairly early on, we both felt that we weren't all that compatible. Add to that all the stress over the years - stress of infertility, job loss, miscarriage, family, different backgrounds and other things, well, let's just say that we struggled.  And I didn't think we would make it.

And then, quietly, slowly, we found each other again.  And we also discovered that over the years, we had become compatible.  And we discovered not only that we were compatible, but we were friends.  We were truly "best friends."  We had come to the point that we loved each other for so many things - the things that only the two of us had shared: the funny, the embarrassing, the tragic.  We loved because we knew how to make each other laugh.  We were each the person that we always thought of first to tell about something.  We loved each other because we didn't want to lose each other.  We loved each other because we made this family together and we wanted to keep it together.

And so this is for you Mr. Simple.  I love you.  (He is cringing right now.  We are so not the gushing PDA type.) Thank you for being my husband.  I am a better person because I have been your wife. 

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Normal Mom said...

That was a "simple" and lovely post to honor the man that has been with you through thick and thin. And it wasn't even his birthday. :)