Thursday, October 22, 2009

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas??

Well, it's not snowing here, in case that's what you are worried about.

We have made the decision to buy one present for the whole family.

However, that doesn't mean that everybody is just getting one present. It just can't be purchased. Or, ideally, you can't need to buy additional supplies either. And we are shooting to have presents done by November 30th, so that gives us just over a month to finish. Which really isn't much time.

So there has been the scheming of what to create, and the beginnings of present-making. I need to sit down with the children and have them help me come up with ideas, because they are all infinitely more creative than I am. I do have a couple ideas though, and I'll post some partial pictures here as I go along (but not the whole thing because I don't want anyone finding out ahead of time!)

Sometimes, I think it would be nicer if we celebrated Christmas in March or April though. It would be nice to have all this excitement of craft-making to keep us busy through the dreary winter months.

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