Sunday, October 11, 2009

Land of Lincoln . . .

We live in Illinois, and not too far from the Capital, so we decided to go down to the Lincoln Presidential Museum last weekend. Through most of the museum, they don't allow photography, so I don't have a ton of pictures. And we saw both movies (highly recommend both of them, especially "Ghosts of the Library" - I still haven't figured out how they do the ending.) It is geared for children 3rd grade - adults, so it was a little above Jelly Bean, but there was still plenty for her to do and see that she did understand.
Three Lincolns

In his stovepipe hat

A Civil War Lady - The next few pictures were taken in the Children's area. There are historical dress-up, and toys to play with from the time period, and a dollhouse replica of Lincoln's Springfield home.

And another

Lincoln again, although he is a bit shorter than I remember . . .

Outside of the museum

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normal mom said...

It's a great museum, we've been a few times and there is always something to enjoy.