Friday, October 30, 2009

First Round of Trick or Treating

Last night we went to Trunk or Treat at our church. The idea is kind of like it sounds. An adult stands by or sits in their trunk and hands out candy while the kids walk by. But last night, it was raining. (Shocking. It's only rained about 25 days this month.) So it was moved indoors. So the kids walked across the stage to show their costumes, and then walked around the gym while the parents sat on chairs in a square handing out candy. And then we went home. My kind of easy trick or treating.

I'm very anti-spending much money for costumes, so the grand total for all three costumes was $5. I bought Flower's sandals at the thrift store for $1, and Super's costume at the thrift store was $4. Jelly Bean wore clothes and used accessories that we already had around the house, so I spent $0 on her costume.

Next Up - Montgomery Academy Halloween Party! And then Trick or Treating at Farmer's Market, and then Neighborhood Trick or Treating.

And the funny thing is I don't really like Halloween. Well, that's not totally true. I love it when kids create creative costumes themselves or using costumes from clothes they already have. But I hate all the candy giving, and I really hate all the spooky/gory stuff. Next year, I think I'm going to do a Fall Festival Party at my house. We can do fall activities, you can dress up, but only if you dress up as a real person (either living or dead) but you don't have to. And we will have fall harvest food - apples, pie, muffins, that sort of stuff. It sounds WAY more fun to me.

Flower and her friend during the costume parade.
Flower is Cleopatra and her friend is a Cubs fan.

Jelly Bean dressed up as a detective.
Can't quite tell from this side view.

Super as Spider Man.

A Close Up of Super and his girlfriend. Doesn't she make an adorable Snow White? She normally has light blond hair, but it was super important to his girlfriend to have BLACK hair like the real princess, so that is black hairspray in her hair.

Have I mentioned that they really are going to get married?
I have it all planned out and everything. Just kidding. Mostly.

Now she looks a little more like a detective!

She decided MONTHS ago that she was going to be a detective and what she was going to wear.

I think Spidey needs some sleep!


Flower and her BFF

A pic of the crew - my kids and Flower's friend, and my sister's children. My nieces were a witch and a monkey, and my nephews were a scarecrow and a zombie pizza delivery guy.
(The pizza guy has an actual broken leg. The cast and crutches aren't part of his costume.)

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