Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween 2009

Well, Halloween has come and gone. We went to Halloween Farmer's Market, and then we had a thing at the Public Library that we wanted to go to, but it was cold, and Jelly Bean was tired (she has been sick off and on lately) so we went home and took a nap to rest up for Trick or Treating.

Here's some pictures from Farmer's Market:

Happy Aloe - Ween!

Flower looking for something to spend her Boo Bucks on
(she ended up with some beads.) We were all cold.

Definitely cold. Jelly Bean dressed up as a sweet vampire, and Super was uh, Superman.
After this, we went home to rest up for
neighborhood Trick or Treating.

Here we are in yet another set of costumes. Super is crying because I couldn't find the "right" gloves. I made them create costumes that they could layer clothes under (Jelly Bean has about 3 layers under that pinafore) or that involved a coat. At this point, they weren't happy about it, but after they had been out a few minutes, they were glad. (Oh, in case you can't tell, Jelly Bean is Laura Ingalls, Super is a Fire Fighter - same costume from last year, and Flower is a vampire.)
Here is Super afterwards.
I knew that some candy would cheer him up.
It always brings a smile to my face!

We had some macaroni and cheese afterwards to warm up.
After this, Flower and Super helped hand out candy until 8 pm, and all the kids were asleep by 8:30. I stayed up until 10ish, and then to bed because I was feeling really sick. I stayed in bed all day Sunday. I slept for about 18 hours.
Maybe I was just tired because I'm feeling better now.
Happy Halloween! Hope you had a nice day.

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