Friday, November 20, 2009

Mitten Strings for God: Reflections for Mothers in a Hurry

I've heard of this book from homeschooling blogs, and then a few months ago, I saw it at the thrift store, and decided to pick it up. It was different than I thought it was going to be, but not in a bad way. It was more of a book about a woman who decided that she wanted to live her life simpler, more deliberately, and more in tune with her family. (Sounds like my kind of book, huh???) I also thought that the book was going to be more about God, based on the title, but there was very little mention of God in the book. Either way would have been fine with me, but in case someone was buying because it was going to be a book from that point of view, I didn't want you to be surprised or if there is someone who is hesitating because they are not looking for a book from that point of view. Anyway, here's a list of the chapters:

1. Dailiness
2. Morning
3. Peace
4. Quiet
5. Simplicity
6. TV
7. Play
8. Secret Places
9. Wants and Needs
10. Stories
11. One On One Time
12. Surrender
13. Breathing
14. Healing
15. Listening
16. Nature
17. Enchantment
18. Grace
19. Rhythm
20. Truth
21. Helping
22. Discipline
23. Stretching
24. Nurturing
25. Sabbath
26. Spirit
27. Balance
28. Choices
29. Wingbeats

The book is 220 pages long. The chapters are short, and so it is a great book for reading during, say, swimming lessons (although we are done for the fall. Lessons don't start up again until the end of January.) or while you are waiting for cookies to cool or something. I'll do a review of a few chapters, but I'd really recommend picking it up, especially if you are a mom of a child/children who are under 12, and if you ever feel like you just need a little more little joyful moments in your life.

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