Tuesday, November 10, 2009

In the Spirit of trying to get back on the Simple Wagon

I thought I would repost a list of our Daily Routines, from last November, when I was in the height of being ON the wagon.


Now, some of this has had to change. Now that I co-homeschool with my sister, we can no longer do Town Day on Friday. I can't really do chores during the day either because I am teaching preschool from 9 am to Noon, and teaching the homeschoolers from 12:30 pm on to 3 pm.

But the ideas are still very good. I tweaked them to accomodate our situation last year, and I can tweak it to accomodate our situation now.

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AFarCryFromNormal said...

I say we tweak our schedule a bit more and add some more of these in there. Why not have some cleaning time in there for the kids and you etc. Why not schedule in a time that we just spend at the park (or library etc) I think it would be good for them. It is all about finding balance. Yes, your situation is different now but I think that we can do somethings different so that we ALL can live more simply! Let's chat about this!!