Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A sign that my children know too much about technology AND the 80s

My current ring tone is "Livin' On A Prayer" by Bon Jovi. (I've been a fan since their first album, WAY back in the day.) My previous ring tone was a recording of my children saying "Mom, pick up the phone. Did you forget to put on the charger again? Mom, did you leave it at home? Mom, PICK UP THE PHONE!" (Which was cute sometimes. Not so much when you forget to turn your phone to silent mode and you are in the middle of church or something.)

My children LOVE songs from the 80s. We occasionally listen to an "oldies" station that plays 80s songs and they sing right along. (It is slightly horrifying to me that songs from the 80s are considered oldies, but I digress.) We have a karaoke game that has songs from the 80s.

So today, Super came up to me and said "Mom, I think you should change your ring tone." I said "Well, I kind of like the Bon Jovi song, but what do you think I should change it too?" (I was a little surprised that he knew the term ring tone and that I could change it. He is 5. He watches very limited TV and nothing with commercials.)

So Super said "I think you should change it to "Don't You Want Me Baby." I'm not sure when he even heard the song. I know that he knows "Wake Me Up Before You Go" and "Eye of the Tiger" but that one, if it came on the radio, I would hope that I would have the sense to change the station.

So sorry, little dude, I'm going to be sticking with "Living On A Prayer" for right now. But I may be switching to "Time After Time" or "Total Eclipse of the Heart." LOL

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