Saturday, October 10, 2009

And Pictures from the Birthday Boy's Day too . . .

Super wanted to have a fire fighter birthday at a local park that has little roads and signs and trikes to ride. Problem was, he had had a fire fighter party at this park when he was 3. He looked at me and said "Please?" and I figured, well, why not? So that is what we did. Here are some pictures from his 5th birthday party.
Learning the rules of the road

Super - I love this picture!

Super and his girlfriend

Traffic Jam!

Playing a rousing game of Car, Car, Police Car
(Like Duck, Duck, Goose)

Eating Pizza

Super reading his girlfriend's card during present opening time

You can't really tell in this picture, but we had to bail on the party about 2 minutes after this picture was taken. It got very windy and was pouring down rain. Thankfully, the bad weather held off until the very end of the party though!
Happy Birthday Super! We love you!

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