Saturday, December 5, 2009

Once Upon A Holiday, Part 1

Our city has a downtown Holiday Celebration called Once Upon A Holiday. On Friday night, they did live window vignettes in over 30 windows, and Santa came on the Bookmobile. Many of the shops also had activities and snacks inside, so there was plenty to do, and plenty of time to warm up in the shops.

With Santa on the bookmobile. The kids had never been on a
bookmobile, and they thought it was SO cool.

There was a lady doing face painting at one of the
downtown art galleries. Isn't he the cutest Rudolph
you've ever seen?

The Snow Princess and The Princess

Super wanted his dad to look like him.
So meet young Rudolph, and adult with
a moustache Rudolph. Thanks Mr. Simple
for being a good sport.

An artsy picture of a downtown street.

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