Sunday, December 6, 2009

Once Upon A Holiday, Part II

We went back downtown on Saturday morning for Christmas At The Courthouse. The County Museum of History is at the old county courthouse. The courthouse always reminds me of looks just like the clock tower building in Back To The Future. Except the Courthouse has a domed roof. Anyway . . . We did Christmas At The Courthouse last year, and the kids wanted to come back since it was so much fun. You can see St. Nicolas and his wife, do crafts, listen to music, have refreshments, and then, of course, go to the exhibits. My kids love this museum.

Standing on the courthouse steps

Making cards for veterans

Super getting help making paper snowflakes

An interior shot

The Jaycee parade ends at the courthouse, so we
watched it from the comfort of inside the courthouse

Flower watching Santa and Mrs. Claus arrive on a fire truck

Santa and Mrs. Claus disembarking off the fire truck

Super visiting with St. Nicholas and his wife.
When St. Nick asked what he wanted, he said
"I'm still thinking about it."

Flower and Super making a Santa puppet.

Jelly Bean playing in the Pioneer Room.
Guess what this is supposed to be?

Jelly Bean churning butter.

Super's completed puppet.
I love the messages on him.

After Christmas at Courthouse, we went home and had lunch quickly so that the girls and I could go to the local production of The Nutcracker. It was fun to take the girls. I was in the Nutcracker a couple times as a kid, and my mom also took me many, many times and so it was fun to start the tradition with my girls. Although, now the requests have started to do ballet instead of swimming . . .

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