Friday, October 15, 2010

Here are the weight loss pictures although

Before Picture - Taken December 2009

Mid point picture - October 2010
I do need to clarify a bit.

The "before" picture doesn't really give you the FULL effect. I'm standing next to someone and so it is hard to tell what I really look like, and this is a before pic that was about 15 pounds away from where I finally freaked out. And I'm not sure what is up with my hair. It doesn't always look great, but this was a particular bad day.

The midpoint pic is taken by Jelly Bean on my phone. The camera completely died yesterday and so I will need to get a new camera, but that will have to wait until mid November. So you get what you get (and you don't throw a fit LOL)

I can't tell for sure if these pictures really gives you a flavor of what I look like compared to before. I do know that I've lost enough so that people I haven't seen in awhile completely freak out, but day to day people, well, some of them still haven't noticed, or at least they haven't said anything.
I'm not brave enough to give you actual numbers yet beyond saying that I've lost 55 pounds so far and I need to lose 110 total. But I'm sure that you can guesstimate about where I was and where I'll end up.


normal mom said...

You can totally tell! You are looking great! I'm really inspired by your dedication, not just the losing weight, but mainly the dedication to taking care of yourself. You are AWESOME! Totally, dude.

Krista said...

I so avoid putting pictures of myself up on my blog because I am ashamed of my weight. This summer we had out family reunion (every 3 years) and I wanted to lost this 40 lbs before showing up, but I didn't. It was humiliating for my family to see me at this size since all they ever knew me was so thin and fit. I appreciate your honesty! Here is my weight loss blog (that I don't tell many people about so it has zero followers and I like that!)
bothPW & User:karpworld (I think--if it doesn't work, let me know)