Friday, October 1, 2010

Thank you random person . . .

who donated a dutch oven to the thrift store a few years ago. I saw it and bought it. I have used it almost every day since then. (Dutch oven on the left. The lid is on top of my cast iron pot.) I use it to make soup (that's what in the pot there), spaghetti, and for making jam. And lots of other things. I've also taken it camping. Worked like a charm.

And while I'm at it, thanks to the person who donated

this spice rack. I love it! This spice rack holds all the spices that I use when I make spaghetti sauce. All the green ones (parsley, oregano, basil) are from herbs that I grow in the back yard.

And thank you to the person who donated

this bread slicing guide. We can finally have "regular" slices. I'm not good at slicing homemade bread freehand. I either cut them too thick or completely crooked. Now, after the loaf has cooled, I cut the whole loaf and put it in a bag.

And finally thanks to the person who donated

these glasses. It is a set of six but one of the glasses was in use at the time of the pics. (Uh, and one of the glasses is being used to hold Super's acorns. I picked up the set of six for $1. Gotta love that. The kids use these glasses. I love how they are glass, but thick and sturdy. And I love how they remind me of jelly jars.

I also got a 4 glass set of tall drinking glasses on the same thrift trip, but they were ahem, not ready for pictures at the time. (They were on the counter waiting to be washed.)


AFarCryFromNormal said...

You are always so good with finding cool simply living things! :-) I HEART my bread slicer! I WISH I had a pot like yours and that spice rack rocks! Oh but I do have those glasses too. I love them. We have had them forever!! I need to hit DI more and I could probably find some real gems too! Miss you!! :-)

Krista said...

Andie, Glad you posted a link to youer blog. I was able to read a bit of it. I owuld love to read a post how you met your husband and ended up living there. also would love´to read about your weight loss history and progress. Thanks for being so open! PS we have a GREAT electric bread and meat slicer here in Germany! :)