Monday, October 13, 2008

Being Resourceful - Kids Room Style

If you read my last post, you know that I would love to have the family use natural fibers, have natural toys, and natural, well, everything, but that we are not there yet. But I do my best to dress everyone and furnish our home as nicely, but as inexpensively as I can.

So today, I am bringing you pictures of Super's room. I do want to clarify that the paint color is NOT what I asked Mr. Simple to do. I said a nice cornflower blue or something, and what it turned out to be was painter's tape blue, but I've tried to embrace it.

Super's bed.
I bought the captain's bed at a friend's garage sale for $65, and the comforter and throw blanket were given to me by my sister since her boys were going to using a different theme (dinosaurs). The footboard is the foam part of a mini-couch that we didn't use much and it is inserted in a fleece sleeping bag that my sister gave to me along with the comforter and throw. The rug was in the dollar section at Target. The sheet and pillow case were given to me from a relative.

The bookcase we had been using in our office and brought it up to his room. The rocker was a birthday present to me the year that Super was born. The frog blanket on top of the rocker I made when I was 14 that my mom had me make for "my future children", and the blanket on the arm is a gift from Project Linus.

The car mat is actually a piece of material. My mom backed it with another piece of cotton, and sent it to Super for Christmas one year.

The left side of his closet - current season of "hang up" clothes. (underwear, socks, and everyday clothes are in the drawers on the bed.) The white bookcase had been out in the room when it was a nursery. When we got the brown captain's bed, we put the white one in the closet to store his toys. The top shelf has trains and cars and small construction vehicles. The second shelf has fire vehicles, and the bottom shelf has big construction vehicles.

The right side of the closet - the clothes are his out of season clothes for the next season. I don't have enough room in the girls closet to do this, but this makes it SO much easier when it is time to get the spring/summer or fall/winter clothes out. The green tub has his dress-up clothes. The blue tub has Rescue Hereos and tanks, etc. that were given to him recently from our neighbor's son who had outgrown playing with them.

So for the furniture and bedding, etc. in the room, I spent a grand total of $66. Not too bad.

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