Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I spent money over the weekend

I tried to be frugal, and I was, sort of, but I always have a sense of guilt and regret when I get home from a day full of shopping. I try to go to the thrift store/dollar store/discount store, etc. only once a month, and only if I actually need things. I always buy things that aren't on my list anyway, so even though I'm paying less than full price usually, going to any store is a dangerous place for me to go when I don't need anything.

(I'll try and get some pictures up soon, but for now, I'll just tell you about my purchases)

  • Two ballerina costumes for the girls' for Halloween. $2.00
  • 8 cloth napkins $4.00
  • 2 cloth placemats $1.00
  • Trinket box $ 0.50
  • Glass Leaf $0.50
  • Three baskets $3.00
  • Jean skirt (for me, I almost never buy clothes for myself) $2.00
  • Black dress pants (for me) $2.00
  • Born handcrafted leather shoes, in GREAT condition $2 (here they are at the new price - http://www.onlineshoes.com/productpage.asp?gen=w&pcid=123984. These are SO comfortable.)
  • Amalfi loafers, in GREAT condition $2 (here they are with the new price - http://zeta.zappos.com/product/7475265/color/27305. I like well-made shoes, but I've never spent more than $70 EVER on a pair of shoes, and I prefer to spend more like $50, and wear them to death)
  • Only Hearts Doll $0.50
  • Candle Snuffer $1.00
  • Magnetic strip with magnets from IKEA $1.00
  • Plaid skirt for Jelly Bean $3
  • Pink denim jacket for Jelly Bean $2
  • 3 long-sleeve shirts for Flower $8

Office Depot:
(School Supplies)
  • Card Stock $1o.oo
  • Printer Paper $7.50
  • Crayons $2.00
  • Colored Pencils $2.00
  • Markers $2.00

School Shop:
  • Easel Paper $5.00
  • Easel Pad $5.00
  • 2 Geo Boards $7.00
  • 3 Eyedroppers $5.00
  • Small pumpkins die-cuts $2.00
  • Medium pumpkin die cuts $2.00
  • Large pumpkin die cuts $2.00
  • Fall bulletin board border $3.00

TJ Maxx:

  • Sequence Cards $5.00
  • Opposite Cards $5.00
  • Tying Shoe $8.00

Scrapbook Store:
  • Paper to make die-cuts for alphabet for preschool $7

I also had to go to the grocery store TWICE (I hate it when I don't get everything the first time around). It was $30 each time, and I still haven't done our monthly grocery run. I'm strongly considering just living off our food storage this month instead and filling in with some produce, milk and eggs.


corn fed girl said...

I hope the clothes you bought yourself contains at least 1 pair of plether pants!

normal mom said...

I think you are doing a fantastic job of simple living. Don't beat yourself up, pat yourself on the back for finding such great deals!