Friday, October 17, 2008

Time Management Lesson from Laura

From "Make Every Minute Count" in Laura Ingalls Wilder: A Family Collection -

"There are just now so many things that must be done that we are tempted to
spend ourselves recklessly, especially as it is rather difficult to decide what
to eliminate, and we cannot possibly accomplish everything. We must
continually be weighing and judging and discarding things that are presented to
us, if we would save ourselves, and spend our time and strength only on those
that are important. We may be called upon to spend our health and strength
to the last bit, but we should see to it that we do not waste them.

'Oh I am so tired that I just want to sit down and cry,' a friend confided
in me, 'and here is the club meeting on hand and the ledge practice and the Rod
Cross work day and the aid society meeting and the supper at the school house
and the spring sewing and garden and - Oh! I don't see how I'm ever going to get
thru with it all!'

Of course she was a little hysterical. It didn't all have to be done
at once, but it showed how over-tired she was and it was plain that something must
give way-if nothing else, herself. My friend needed a little open space in
her life."

I need to remember to have a little open space in my life too.

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The Queen Bee said...

Such a great quote and here I am sitting reading blogs. I will remember this post this weekend when I don't have a spare moment! Thanks