Friday, November 21, 2008

OK, if I want things to run well around the house

I simply need to get my children to help around the house every day. My children are 9, almost 7, and 4. They are all old enough to help around the house, even Super, although he needs closer supervision usually and sometimes a little assistance, and LOTS of positive encouragement.

Here are our DAILIES:

  • Make Beds
  • Tidy bedroom


  • Wipe bathroom sinks/counters/toilet
  • Wipe Kitchen sink/counters
  • Plan/Cook Dinner
  • Tidy learning room
  • Vacuum a main room (either the Family Room or Living Room)


  • Vacuum a main room (whatever room Mom isn't doing)
  • Tidy a main room (alternate between Family Room/Living Room)
  • Kitchen Job (either set/clear the table, unload the dishwater, or sweep the floor)

Jelly Bean

  • Dust a main room
  • Tidy a main room (whichever one Flower isn't doing)
  • Kitchen Job


  • Tidy shoes
  • Sweep the entry way or Clean windows
  • Kitchen Job

We tend to stay with the same daily jobs for awhile, but I know that many families change it weekly or monthly. We tend to change every other month or when it seems time.

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