Monday, August 31, 2009

Quotable Sunday - Traveling Through Life

From Laura Ingalls Wilder: A Family Collection

"A friend of mind tried to sympathize with a woman for being "tied down" to her farm, with no opportunity to travel or study, and with none of the advantages of town or city life. To her surpirse she found that her sympathy was not needed. "My body may be tied here," her friend said, "but my mind is free. Books and papers are cheap and what I cannot buy I can borrow. I have traveled all over the world."

(Life Is An Adventure)

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Adele said...

Ha! I'm not a farm girl, but can relate to being tied down to the home with two little ones in the house. I love this quote-- I'm in the baby steps of starting to transform being at home to a creative and boundary-widening experience.