Monday, August 3, 2009

Welcome to the World's Largest 4-H Fair!

Our county hosts the world's largest 4-H Fair, and this year was Flower's first year in 4-H. Flower entered 4 projects - a drawstring skirt, a cloth bag, a sketch, and a bookmark for a book that she had read. After the judging, we ate (gotta love fair food!) and checked out some of the other things, and then since it was 1 ticket per ride day, we went on a BUNCH of rides (I usually let them ride on one each.) It was a very fun day.

Talking to the judges about her skirt

Modeling the skirt for the judges - she got a blue ribbon!

Modeling her cloth bag

Talking to the judges about her cloth bag - she got a blue ribbon!

Petting the baby pigs

My own little piglet!

The girls were inside the tractor and there was a simulator showing fields so that it looked like you were driving a tractor. Super went in front of the screen to show a pig running through the field. Silly Kid!

Jelly Bean in the fun house

Super and Flower in the fun house. Flower was very proud of herself for managing to walk a few steps without falling.

Sliding down the big slide

Both girls were tall enough to do the bumper cars this year. Sigh. Why do they have to keep growing up???

Super on the Merry Go Round

Super in Heaven - on a Fire Truck ride. He LOVES fire trucks.

On the mini ferris wheel. Maybe next year we'll go on the REAL ferris wheel.

Flower getting ready to start bungee jumping. You can see Jelly Bean in the air to the right.

Jelly Bean is jumping in the middle - If you can't find her, look at the ferris wheel.

Super jumping. They all got jumping really, really high!

We can hardly wait until next year!

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Stacey said...

Congrats to Flower on her blue ribbons-she is quite the little model!!