Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Ever Changing Room . . .

We have a 4 bedroom house. When we moved in, we had 2 very small children (2.5 and 6 months old), so we were only using two out of the 4 bedrooms for actual "bedrooms." Which worked out, especially since our home has a main level with 2 bedrooms and then a fully furnished/8 foot ceiling lower level with 2 bedrooms. So it wasn't like I was going to have the children downstairs at that age.

The one bigger room downstairs was a playroom, then the preschool room, but for the past few years, it has been the girls room (who are now 12 and almost 10. I know! Can you believe it?)

The other smaller room has changed yearly, it seems. At first, it was an office. Then it was a guest room. Then it was mine and Super's room when he was a baby. Then it was an office. Then it was a guest room. And then it was the homeschool room. And then it was my room. And now, it is still my room, but it is also becoming my "Simply Living" room.

When it was just "my" room, it had a bookcase and a dresser and a nightstand and a twin bed. It is a small room (9' x 10'), I thought that there might be room to make it "more." I'm in the process, but I'll try and take pictures this weekend, when I hope to have it done.

But here is a text preview anyway of what will be in the room: A twin bed, a bookcase with homeschooling/preschooling books, a smaller bookcase with "Simple Living" books, a former media shelf unit for my canning, a small desk with my sewing machine, and a bigger desk for my (hopefully soon to be purchased) laptop and other materials, and a shelving system for fabric, yarn, etc. (I moved the dresser to the closet.) I would love it if I could get new furniture, etc., but for right now, I'm just repurposing furniture and furnishings that we currently have and that aren't be used in another room of the house. I may only put one of the desks in there. You'll have to see what I decided when I unveil the room.

So it is becoming the best of both worlds room for me. So I can work in my "studio", but then I only have to walk 10 steps or less to go to bed!

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