Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Pictures of the Ever Changing Room

NE corner of the room. Bed and part of the sewing table. My mom and I made the t-shirt quilt and I crocheted the afghan. The canvas bag under the sewing table holds
current sewing/mending projects.

East side of the room. The sewing table and the work desk. I got the big bulletin board at a thrift store for $2.50. It will mostly serve as my inspiration board. The magnetic strips above the work desks are from IKEA, but I picked them up at a garage sale for $1. The sewing machine is a Kenmore that my parents gave me when I got my masters' degree in 2006.

The south side of the room. The cubes and drawers/tubs are from Target. They used to hold the current years' homeschooling books and materials. Now they hold material, patterns, yarn, and other craft supplies. The right crate on top hold my binders and materials related to Simple Living, etc. The left crate on top holds my training-related files and materials.
(The door leads to the hallway.)

Part of the west side of the room. The short bookcase has my Simply Living books, magazines, papers, etc. and my in-box on top. (Did you notice it is empty right now? :) ) The tall bookcase has homeschooling and preschool books and materials.

The west wall, plus the NW corner. You see the bookcases again, plus the ironing board, the closet door, and the canning shelf that is holding most of the thing things that I have canned this year. There are another couple dozen jars in boxes by the foot of the bed. There is also a pot of rosemary by the foot of the bed that I recently brought in for the winter.


Everything in the room I already had in the house and so I didn't purchase anything for this version of the room. And even though this is a small room, it actually feels pretty roomy! And If it had a bathroom and a fridge and microwave, I'd never have to leave! LOL But I think that my family might miss me eventually. At least around mealtimes!

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