Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Walk To Remember - 2011

Our local hospital runs a Pregnancy and Infant Loss support group, and every year, during October, which is Pregnancy Loss and Infant Remembrance Month, they have a Walk To Remember for the families.  It is a one mile walk from the hospital down the Nature Trail to the city's outdoor amphitheater.  After we get there, everyone releases balloons.

There were 165 people at the walk this year.  It is one walk I wish that there were LESS people :(  We have gone to the walk every year since 2008.  I blogged about it last year here.

Super walking on the street before we got to the trail.  His sign says  "I walk in memory of Christopher"
Flower with her balloon
Super with his balloon (the red one, his favorite color) and I'm behind Super and my balloon is the blue one
Letting the balloons go
As the balloons started to float up
Higher and higher
Super and I

We love you Christopher and we will ALWAYS remember you.

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