Monday, November 21, 2011

It just isn't Fall without THIS festival!

OK, I had to update to Google Chrome to post now, and I'm SOOO not used to this interface. Anybody else recently update to Google Chrome?

OK, back to "regular" posting. The third weekend of October, we went to our FAVORITE autumn celebration. We have been to this festival every fall since 2008. It is at Sugar Grove Nature Center, which is about 20 minutes from our house.

Flower drinking cold apple cider.  It was fairly warm this year at the festival.  Some years it is  hot, some years it is cold, last year it was wet.  I'll take fairly warm.
Super and Jelly Bean decorating our pumpkin.
Our Pumpkin "Nerd" He has a bow tie, braces, and  glasses.
My three cuties! I love Fall!
Super on the covered bridge.
Super and Jelly Bean walking over to the Imagination Grove area.
Super climbing up to fort.
Super up at the top of the fort.
Another shot of the three kids.  (That sweater that  Flower is wearing? Ithas been in numerous fall pictures on either Flower or Jelly Bean for the past 2-3 years.  I love clothes like that!)
Jelly Bean starting Flower on the zip line.
That is Super hanging at the end of the zip line and Jelly Bean is watching on the left.
Jelly Bean heading down the zip line.
This is the end of the "festival" pictures.  Don't fret - I still have pictures to share here of the Walk To Remember and Halloween from this past October, and then maybe, I'll go back to more writing and less pictures.  Or maybe not.  It is certainly faster to post pictures than having to think and write about something :) No, I will get back to writing more soon.  I miss it.  Plus I have some news that I haven't shared over here yet.  It is a little exciting too.  Keep watching here.  Hopefully I'll let you in on my news before the end of December.

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